We hold to high standards of our practice, echoing the intrinsic appreciation of nature and the assortment of applications. We commit to: Earth-derived Ingredients, Recyclable and Compostable Packaging, Eco-friendly Shipping, Sustainable Crafting Practices, and being an Earth-friendly Apothecary.


We use pure organic plant-based ingredients that are completely earth-friendly. All ingredients are earth-derived and biodegradable and do not present a danger to animals or aquatic organisms when being used. For herb potency and quality, we use only 100% organic and wild-crafted herbs.

Organic farming promotes ecological balance, conserves biodiversity, and allows plants to thrive in a naturally wild way that is environmentally-friendly. Organic farming methods often involve more labor through soil building, natural fertilizers, crop rotation, careful harvesting, assimilation of the local environment, and composting. The pesticides that are allowed for organic production are typically not man-made or synthetic, but tend to have natural substances like soaps, lime sulfur, and hydrogen peroxide as ingredients. Our herbs are not fumigated nor chemical killing agents used. Our organic hemp is grown 100% pesticide-free.

We use ethically wild-crafted herbs while ensuring the plant populations have only undergone sustainable harvesting. Wildcrafting, or wild harvesting, is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural habitats, while taking care to leave enough of the plant to ensure sustainability and to protect endangered species. The wild, non-cultivated plants are naturally organic and non-GMO, but are not "certified" because they are not under the control of growers but of the wild. Wild harvesters must provide a three-year history of the areas harvested to demonstrate non-interference with wild crops in accordance with The Organic Food Production Act of 1990.

earth-derived ingredients used in our herbal preparations

recyclable and compostable packing

Recyclable & compostable

Our herbals are in large size quantities, and we use minimal and sustainable product packaging to create less waste. We use "zero waste" packaging, meaning that after using the herbs, the packaging can be either recycled or composted. Glass bottles and jars can be repurposed or recycled. All components of our tea bags including zippers and valves are made from plants and are fully biodegradable and compostable. They break down into healthy compost leaving no micro-plastics. In composting conditions, it will compost in 12 months. Our tincture packaging boxes can be recycled. They are made from 90% post-consumer waste content (PCW) material. Our labels are recyclable, paper-based, uncoated, not waterproof, and easy to remove. They are made from recycled content that is 100% post-consumer waste material (PCW). The more recycled and post-consumer waste material used, the less from trees, energy, and water being used to manufacture more materials. Recycled and post-consumer waste materials save natural resources and encourages our economic market to propel towards more sustainable efforts, recycling, and using recycled materials.

Please reuse or recycle our glass tincture bottles and salve jars, and compost our tea bags!


All shipments are packed using plastic-free, paper-based materials that are 100% recyclable, reusable, and naturally biodegradable. Packages are sealed with packing tape that is 100% plant-derived and naturally biodegradable. Our shipping boxes are made with 100% recycled content, with 95% being post-consumer waste material (PCW). Our shipping labels can be recycled. They are paper-based, uncoated, and not waterproof. They are made from 100% post-consumer waste material (PCW).

Please reuse, recycle, or compost all our shipping materials!

eco-friendly shipping

sustainable herb crafting practices

Sustainable crafting

Everything is handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and sustainability. Due to the nature of our business and the potency of some ingredients, we do not use any plastic in our crafting. We use stainless steel bowls and funnels, wooden and stainless steel utensils, and glass containers. At Wild Meadow Apothecary, our philosophy of herbalism focuses on being clear, concise, and transparent in the quality of our ingredients, our process, and the uses of our herbals. We aim to help others understand herbs for wellness and self-care because herbs' overwhelming benefits, sustainability, and efficacy.

Wild Meadow Apothecary

The apothecary is comprised of reused and repurposed bookshelves for storage, used herbal books, sustainable crafting tools, natural sunlight, and scents of dried herb and flower bouquets. The Apothecary supports environmental efforts, including land and water cleanup and support of wild meadows. The apothecary follows the current good manufacturing practices. Our philosophy of herbalism focuses on being clear, concise, and transparent in the quality of our ingredients, processes, the uses of our herbals, and sources of information.

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